Protect your business and your business property

No matter what your business, we can insure your building or place of business and business personal property against damage from catastrophe, accident, or theft. Coverage includes outdoor signs, interior glass, damaged locks, fences, indoor and outdoor fixtures, awnings and canopies, stock, merchandise, machinery, furniture, and/or personal property others have left in your care.

Cleaning up and starting over can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help you get back on track with replacement of lost income due to the event, fees associated with clean up, appraisals, demolition, and/or reconstruction.

Commercial auto insurance is a must – coverage for your business cars, trucks or vans

Whether your company uses sedans, pick-ups, SUVs, vans, or trucks to transport goods or people, you can be assured that automobiles of any size or weight and the employees who drive them will be covered.  With commercial automotive insurance, you can also be insured for higher limits than with a personal auto policy. Jones-Stephenson Insurance may also be able to cover all of your vehicles on one policy, saving you time and money.  We can customize a policy to fit your business needs.

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Additional assest protection and business liability when you need it most

A commercial umbrella policy provides coverage when a serious liability claim exceeds the limits in your current liability policy and your business or personal assets may be at risk.  This type of policy gives you broader coverage than a primary policy and defense coverage when a claim or suit is not covered by an underlying policy or when the limits of liability have been exhausted.  You rest assured knowing a commercial umbrella policy from Jones-Stephenson Insurance will provide you with an extra level of liability coverage to protect your assets.

Although insurance needs vary widely from one business to the next, Jones-Stephenson offers commercial insurance coverage tailored to suit your specific needs.

Jones-Stephenson Insurance understands that your business is your livelihood. We know the peace of mind that comes with face-to-face, personalized service that only a local agent can provide. Regardless of what type of business or profession, we can offer insurance coverage tailored to suit your specific needs from a variety of established and secure companies such as Cincinnati Insurance Company, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, Celina Insurance, and Progressive Insurance.   


All policies are subject to company underwriting approvals.