How to contact Jones-Stephenson Insurance if you've been involved in an accident or feel you need to file a claim
Call us directly at 740-286-2301 or 1-888-802-6634. Please have all claim-related information available. Please see below for additional information.
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What do I do if I'm involved in an accident?

• Contact the police or ask someone else to do this if you cannot.
• Call 911 to summons medical assistance if anyone is hurt.
• Keep calm. Be courteous. Don't argue. Make no statement from anyone except a police officer. Get the officer's name, department and badge number.
• Do not accept responsibility or apologize for anything.
• Take pictures of the accident scene, vehicle damage and any property damage if you are safely able to do so.
• Obtain the names, phone numbers and addresses of witnesses.
• Obtain the names and addresses of all persons injured, regardless of how minor the injury.
• Do not administer first aid, unless you are qualified to do so.
• If an employee, report to your supervisor as soon as possible.
• Before leaving the accident scene, check to see that you have all the facts.