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Jones-Stephenson Insurance Agency represents a select group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies, and we place your policy with the company offering the best coverage at a competitive price.

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Licensed in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky, Jones-Stephenson Insurance Agency proudly represents Cincinnati Insurance, Celina Insurance, Grinnell, Sandy & Beaver and Progressive Insurance.

A Trusted Choice and Market Source agency, Jones-Stephenson Insurance is a member of the Professional Insurance Agents Association of Ohio (PIA), the Independent Insurance Agents of Ohio, Inc. (Big "I"), and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Locally, Jones-Stephenson Insurance Agency is a member of the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce and an ongoing contributor to the Jackson County Economic Development Board.


Combine your policies and save!

You have a number of policies – home, auto, life. Now, if you haven’t already considered it, you may want to think about combining your policies. At Jones-Stephenson Insurance Agency, we can combine your policies and even reduce your monthly premium. Contact us today – or fill out online contact form – to get the details.

Staying safe on the road – teenage drivers

These driving tips are applicable to all drivers, but serve as a special reminder to teens.

• Refrain from using drugs or alcohol when getting behind the wheel of a car
• Make sure every passenger wears a seat belt and don't drive until everyone is buckled up
• Be aware of other drivers around you and anticipate what other drivers will do
• Keep distractions such as radio and other passengers to a minimum
• Don't use a cell phone unless you are safely parked
• Obey all traffic laws – getting a ticket can increase your insurance payments
• Drive a standard vehicle. Sports cars and other high performance vehicles may lead to higher insurance costs

Smoke detectors save lives

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 15 of every 16 homes have a smoke detector. However, the smoke detector doesn't work in about one-third of the homes that experience fires. Most often the problem is caused by old or removed batteries. Regularly check your smoke detectors to be sure they are working, and periodically replace the batteries. To help you remember, you might want to put fresh batteries in all of your smoke detectors when the time changes in the spring and fall. Smoke detectors are easy to install and, more importantly, they are an inexpensive way to keep your family alive in case of a fire. If you don't already have smoke detectors in your home, purchase some. In many jurisdictions, it's the law to have working smoke detectors in or near every bedroom. If you are not sure how many you need, your local fire department will be happy to assist you. Read More